Fascist farce in Finland – elites try to get Finnish journalist arrested in Spain


The Finnish political nobility and the MSM are always quick to call the patriotic Finns fascists. In reality, the Finnish political and media overlords posses quite a bit of that fascistic nature themselves.

This week, a Finnish journalist, Ilja Janitskin was detained in Spain because the Finnish courts have tried to get him arrested and deported back to Finland after they came to the conclusion that Mr. Janitskin needs to be put behind bars for not coming to Finland to be interviewed.

What are Mr. Janitskin’s crimes, you ask? Well, he’s wanted basically for releasing news to the public that do not toe the government line. Finland was under Soviet Union thumb from 1944-1991 so the MSM communications culture in Finland is mortally ill.


Finland is lauded for being one of the best countries when it comes to the freedom of press, but this is the true face of Finland: Finnish government, the political elites and the Finnish MSM are hellbent to get the alternative media closed that Mr. Janitskin has provided.

This goes as far as trying Mr. Janitskin for crimes that could lead to a maximum sentence of 13 years in prison. You often get less than that in Finland for murder. If you’re black, you can make your daughter pregnant four times and get only 8 years.

After detaining Mr. Janitskin the Spanish courts released him after 15 minutes of interrogation according to the lawyer of Mr. Janitskin.


Janitskin is half-Finnish and half-Russian and he’s been accused of siding with Russia. While there may be truth to this, the actions of the Finnish political-judicial-MSM classes are simply beyond all reason.

What looked like 13 years to the political-judicial-MSM classes in Finland looked like 15 minutes to the Spanish court. There’s something seriously wrong in Finland when it comes to freedom of speech and the human rights of the Finnish citizenry.

The Gutmensch infested Helsinki Police have tried to get Mr. Janitskin’s website closed, but this was, fortunately,  ruled unconstitutional by the courts. This is a small token as the Lügenpresse, and the politically correct classes are certain to continue their manhunt.


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  1. What damn Gutmench? This whole article is playing with terms that are meant to mislead the reader in the very definition of them. As if things in Finland would somehow resemble German national socialism. NSDAP never behaved in this manner towards their own patriotic citizens.

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