Study: Finns pro strong leader – liberals fear dictatorship


The Internationalist daily, Helsingin Sanomat, reports about a study by EVA, a right-wing think-tank in Finland.

The study shows that 2/3 of Finns would support a strong leader and 1/4 could vote for an extreme nationalist party.

The study shows, among other things that:


– 74% of Finns think that the elites are only looking out for themselves and do not care about the people

– 62% of Finns think that Finland needs a strong leader who could return order and the respect of good values. Only 25% disagree.

– 60% say that the current levels of migration are excessive despite that Finland should take care of war refugees

– 57% of Finns think that the international markets control the society too much

– 55% say that the last year has made them more critical about migration

– 45% of Finns think that globalism has gone too far and Finland should be more nationalist while 40% oppose the view

The study looked also at left wing and far green populism but they were not equally popular.

A Finnish Nobel laureate, Bengt Holmström warns about a ”time of dictators” in the same article. Two thirds of Finns would, however, welcome their new strong leader with open arms.

Article in Finnish: Raportti: Joka neljäs suomalainen voisi kannattaa äärinationalistista puoluetta – Suomen Nobel-voittaja varoittaa ”diktaattorien kaudesta”

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