Finnish City Council Member Undressed by Police – Suspect in Six Crime Investigations


Finnish city council member Junes Lokka was taken in by the police from a demonstration against radical islamic terrorism in Helsinki last weekend after a terrorist strike in the city of Turku where three were stabbed to death and seven were wounded.

The Police took him in because he was trying to take photos from the counter-demonstrating left-wing extremists. When in custody, the city council member was undressed and told that he is a suspect in six criminal investigations.

Council member Lokka was undressed with the suspicion of having a mobile phone and this action was legal due to the fact that he is a suspect in an alleged crime of creating Finnish texts to a Youtube video.

Lokka is a suspect in six counts, including at least one count of incitement to hatred via translating a Youtube video and several counts of defamation.

Council member Junes Lokka was freed from custody today. He is the member of the True Finnish Common List (ASYL) in the city of Oulu, where he is a council member.


  1. Its all run by masons.

    The president of Finland, speaker of the parliament, the government, all the leading figures of main political parties etc. They are all masons. Its a masonic run country.

    Not one member of the parliament dare to mention its name or challenge their dominance.

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